• Blockchain Research Network (2018-2019) [http://blockchainresearchnetwork.org]
    International network and resource for cryptocurrency and blockchain research.
  • Alice & Bob: A History of The World’s Most Famous Cryptographic Couple (2017). [cryptocouple.com]
    History and archive of Alice and Bob in academic literature and digital culture. With Alana Cattapan.
  • Cryptographic Identities (2016) Fabric of Digital Life. [fabricofdigitallife.com]
    Curator of collection of cryptographic wearables for digital humanities archive.
  • DAO of Whales (2016). [Now defunct]
    Participant-observation research of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.
  • Cracking the Agrippa Code (2012). [http://crackingagrippa.net]
    Digital humanities investigation of Gibson’s Agrippa e-poem. Commentary and additional analysis by Alan Liu.