Financial and Cryptocurrency Disclosure (Last updated November 23, 2018)

In the vernacular, I am not a “nocoiner.” I occasionally buy cryptocurrencies for experimental purposes. However, as a rule, all my cryptocurrency holdings are small and not intended for investment. I am currently developing industry-wide guidelines for cryptocurrency researchers, and this public disclosure is one of my recommendations. Overall, I attempt to balance bias, industry access, and best methodological practices for research.

Currently, I own a small number of Bitcoin and Maidsafe tokens (less than US $2000 $1000 —dear god— at current market value). I have accounts on several major exchanges, but with empty wallets. I am a party to the Mt. Gox class-action lawsuit. I am an Advisor at EVERY*, and Partner and consultant at Rothbadi & Co., and have been compensated for my work with these organizations.